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Electric bicycle – Efficient – Durable – Stylish

Are you also tired of getting to work covered in sweat? Frustrated with cycling uphills, or even upwind?
Our electric bicycles are motorised bikes that offer you power assistance on-demand.  Equipped with advanced Li-ion batteries, they offer all the benefits of traditional cycling yet without the effort!

Our products have been designed using powerful and ultra lightweight technologies to make them look and feel like normal bicycles. In fact, you can switch the motor off and use them as normal bikes if you so wish, the weight is comparable to normal bicycles too.
The motor is an advanced freewheel design which will cause no resistance to your pedaling regardless whether it’s switched on or off.

So why choose a cyclotricity electric bicycle – just some of the benefits include:

  • New brushless motor
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Lighter than most e-bikes
  • Looks and feels like a normal bike
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cheap to run

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The “Made In Britain” eBike Company Moves Up A Gear

      The “Made In Britain” eBike Company Moves Up A Gear.   Cyclotricity, the eBike company who established the UK’s first ever assembly factory for electric bicycles, has moved. Their Made In Britain campaign has been so successful ..read more

Latest customer review

Hi Zak,

I while ago I contacted you about buying an eKit for my bike and trying to work out the spec needed for attempting the coast2coast cycle ride (146 miles from the west coast of England to the east)

I’m pleased to say that I eventually took the plunge for a lowly 9Ah / 250W front hub kit that was supplied by Townsend Nursaries in Harpenden.

The kit was fantastic and even on our longest day of  ~ 46 miles or so which included a 5 mile climb up the Hartside path I still had 25% of my battery left at the end of the day!  Granted I’d only used it sparingly on the tougher climbs but as we neared the end of the day I used it on full assist for the last 5 miles to fly past some “keaner / purer” cyclists who made the assent much more slowly!

Once again – thanks for the kit – it’s been great!  I just wish I had a second bike to play with the 1000W version!