Cyclotricity Powers On With A Price Reduction

Published 07 Dec 2016 in News / no comments

At a time when many bike companies are warning of price rises Cyclotricity, the Southampton based eBike company, have bucked the trend by boldly reducing the cost of some their products.

“We know that many people in the industry are concerned that the weaker pound will mean increased prices but we want to show our customers that they can still get fantastic value if they buy British. We will have to pay more for some of our components but, as we build our bikes here in the UK, we aren’t affected quite as much so, last week, we actually reduced some of our prices” said Rami Akily, Cyclotricity’s CEO.

Akily continues “It’s been a momentous year with Brexit and Trump’s victory in the US causing a lot of economic uncertainty. I think it shows that people have an enhanced sense of self-identity and I also believe that will translate into increased support for local manufacturing”.

But Akily certainly isn’t a pro-Brexiteer “After all” he says “we also have a business in Sweden.  We know the situation is unlikely to change so we have to look forwards and make the best of it.  We produce four great looking bikes at really competitive prices and business has been growing steadily.  We plan to keep up that momentum and continue to create new manufacturing jobs and extra business for our suppliers.  Even as a small business we can play our part in helping to drive the UK forwards. It’s a bit like switching on the power on one of our bikes”.

CycloTricity is growing nicely and they have seen increased sales both on-line and via their dealerships.  They also ran a successful campaign on QVC selling out their first batch of bikes on their initial airing.

Akily goes on “The UK’s interest in eBikes is certainly growing but, as we also sell our products abroad, there is a bigger opportunity to trade with other EU countries as the weaker pound means our overseas customers will be getting even better value. We are working hard to expand that part of our business”.

Cyclotricity’s customers have always liked the fact that they build their bikes here in the UK and Brexit appears to be increasing that support.