Cyclotricity power bike and electric bike kits

So why choose a Cyclotricity power bike? Our products have been engineered with top in-house expertise in the UK. The motors are all individually hand-made and tested over and over again to ensure top performance and durability. Choosing our e-bikes means you will benefit from the following:

  • Powerful brushless motor technology

    Despite its small size and light weight, our motor will give you the maximum power output allowed by the European Union, 250W to be precise. Likewise with speed, at 15.5mph, you are utilizing the maximum legal speed limit in the UK and EU. The motor is a purpose built freewheel design, which means there is no resistance loading the motor as it spins forward. In fact, whether you pedal it or coast on it freely, there still won’t be any resistance regardless whether the motor is operating or disengaged. Unlike the crank drive, we’ve designed the system to be totally separate from the pedals.

  • Advanced Lithium-ion Battery

    Unlike the old, big, heavy and unreliable SLA batteries, all our batteries are based on new Lithium-Ion technology, much more reliable and offer incredible power at very low weight. Not to mention its stylish bottle-like looks. Each charge will last roughly 20-35 miles depending on terrain, weight of the cyclist and how frequently the full motor power mode is used. The battery is detachable and comes with a charger.

  • Lighter than most power bikes

    Electric bicycles have traditionally suffered from the heavy and bulky image, especially with the old SLA batteries. Our alloy material and lightweight technology have changed this for good. At only 19kg, our power bike is comparable in weight to even normal bikes!

  • Stylish - they look and feel like normal bikes

    Our power bikes look and feel like a normal mountain bikes, with the additional functionality that you have full control of how much effort you choose to exert. In addition, since these products are classified as bicycles, you do not have to worry about all the red tape that comes with other motorised vehicles. No tax, license or insurance needed, and you can still use the usual cycling lanes!

  • Easy to maintain

    We have deliberately designed the hub motor to go on the front wheel. Combined with pedaling, this gives you an all-wheel-drive experience. But more importantly, it makes the bike much easier to service and cheaper to maintain. In addition, apart from the electrical spares, all other parts are widely available at any local bike shop should there be a need for spare replacements.

  • Cheap to run

    Travelling on battery power is a lot cheaper than fuel. To illustrate, given that you swap your car for our electric bike for your 6-10mile journey to work, we estimate that the power bike will pay for itself within the first year in fuel savings alone! Not only that, once you factor in tax, MOT, insurance, repairs, parking fees, congestion charges etc, your return on investment is suddenly within a matter of months.