Coronavirus is a global health crisis. Drastic measures are being implemented around the world including medical precautions and quarantines. Industry is facing a financial meltdown and panic is echoing across nations. But the truth is, there are simple live style adjustments that are extremely effective to keep you safe, such as washing hands and exercise social distancing. One such live style change, believe it or not, is to start cycling! Commuting by public transport is a complete no-no in the current climate. The close proximity to potentially sick people confined in a small space with recycled air isn’t exactly ideal to prevent infections! It is for this reason Governments are suggesting to avoid all commutes by public transport.


The concept of e-bikes is having a great impact on commuting from one place to another. Here are some ways how an e-bike can help with the effects of the Coronavirus.


Benefits of Ebikes


Ebikes has revolutionized commuting and leisure activities in this alarming situation.


  1. Improves Physical health: Ebikes plays a pivotal role in improving the health of people who are in sedentary jobs. This also applies to people self-isolating and in need of stepping out of the house safely..
  2. Less commuting Stress: Wasting time in traffic can be stressful, commuting through e-bikes can save your time, it is flexible and you can travel independently. Not to mention the moderate exercise improves your mental well-being.
  3. Less Air Pollution: Car release tonnes of CO2, whereas electric bicycles don’t release any toxic gases. They are more energy-efficient than any other form of transport. 
  4. Low risk of COVID-19: As the virus spreads via humans only, riding e-bikes makes you avoid such public interactions by its very nature. And it’s more convenient than regular cycling.



Electric Bikes could be the underdog that helps the UK population hack their way around Covid-19. Protect yourself, protect the environment and make the switch today. Have a look at our range of affordable e-bikes built in Britain.



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