I want to get to work quicker. Which kit will go at 50mph for 15 miles?

1205 views  October 23, 2019

Our 1000W Rear Drive eKit with a 48V/12Ah battery should achieve this. Please note running it at full power means the battery will likely run out just before hitting 15miles. </br>
If the 15mile distance is a hard requirement, you’re recommended to get the 48V/16Ah battery upgrade to give yourself a buffer mileage wise.
Alternatively, you can restrict your motor to 250W and run at 25kph. This will give you a good mileage with the regular 48V/12Ah battery.
Please remember it is a legal requirement that the 50kph mode should be limited to off-road use. So you will most likely use the 250W mode on your way to work anyway.

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