Pedal Assist System Upgrades?

1515 views  October 23, 2019

If you opt for one of our Front or Rear Drive eKits, you can upgrade it by adding one of our optional Pedal Assistance Systems (PAS). A Pedal Assistance System is a device that senses your pedalling and makes your kit give automatic assistance, i.e. you do not have to press the throttle throughout your journey

We have two PAS packages on offer

Pedal Assistance System with LED Dashboard (Basic) This is our basic PAS upgrade which includes a handlebar dashboard allowing you to shift between three power levels; low, medium or high. Compatible with the 250W and the 500W systems only. Pedal Assistance System with LCD Computer (Advanced) This is our top of the range electric bike kit upgrade for you who want to combine your conversion kit with state of the art technology, yet at a surprisingly good value. This package combines a Pedal Assistance System with an advanced LCD handlebar monitor which, not only gives you five levels of power, but also displays your speed, journey distance, time, average speed and many other readings. Compatible with the 250W, 500W and 1000W systems. </br></br>

Although these are optional upgrades, you are highly recommended to install a Pedal Assistance System as it will transform your riding experience and improve the longevity of the battery.

If, however, you opt for our Middle Drive eKit, then you do not need to purchase an additional PAS as this comes pre-installed in the motor by default.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to include a Pedal Assistance System with your Front or Rear Drive eKit, the bottom bracket on your bike needs to be a Square Taper type (which is the most common bottom bracket on ordinary bikes). If you don’t have a square taper bottom bracket, you may need to replace it as well as the crank arms to make your bike compatible with the PAS. If in doubt, please consult a bike service shop on how to fit a square taper bottom bracket on your bike. Alternatively, you may opt for purchasing the Middle Drive eKit instead as it already has this function integrated by default.

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