What’s included in an electric bike conversion kit UK?

1576 views  October 23, 2019
  • Motor: Comes integrated in a wheel size of your choice (reaches maximum speed allowed by UK/EU regulation, i.e. 15.5mph). The middle drive and the rear drives can be de-restricted to power higher than the default 250W.
  • Wheel material: Double walled alloy rim with reinforced spokes to withstand extra pressure.
  • Throttle: thumb type – gradual lever, the further it is pressed, the more power is provided (this is an optional extra with the middle drive kit).
  • Brake compatibility: Compatible with both disc brakes and V-brakes
  • Controller: The appropriate Amp rating will be provided depending on the type of kit you choose.
  • Cables: Motor cable and system cable (designed for simplicity and minimal wiring)
  • Box/Bag: for mounting the controller (for use with a frame battery)
  • Fork compatibility:
    • Front drive kits - Minimum 100mm between fork drop-outs is required (which is the vast majority of forks).
    • Rear drive kits - Minimum 135mm between fork drop-outs is required (which is the vast majority of rear forks).
  • Apart from a battery, the above components are all that is needed to fully convert a bicycle into an electric bike. All our kit packages include these essential items. All you need to add is a battery (and some optional accessories for extra features).

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