Will a 250w kit fit my road bike?

1093 views  October 23, 2019

Most likely. Depending on the type of your road bike, modifications may be necessary. Handlebar accessories such as LED/LCD and throttle will need to be fitted to a handlebar extension ( a T shaped bar that extends out from the stem, can be purchased cheaply online). Bikes with oversize bottom brackets eg Hollowtech, may have trouble fitting a PAS sensor due to the axle diameter and distance from the frame to the crank arm. Having said that, PAS is not necessary to run the eKit, you can run it by throttle instead. The rims we use are primarily designed for use with hybrid tyres eg 28mm upwards. Not all road bikes will accept this width of tyre.

The safest bet is to opt for the Middle Drive eKit as it has the PAS integrated by default and requires no external installation. It also means you get to keep your rims and tires as they are with no modification.

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